Frequently Asked Questions

How old must my child be to attend the White Pine Children’s Art Festival?

All children must be entering kindergarten to attend the festival. If your child is four, but will turn five in September and attend kindergarten they are welcome to participate. Currently we only offer classes for students through entering 8th grade. If your child is entering High School, we would welcome them to volunteer with our teachers.

My child is allergic to nuts, grains, dairy, eggs etc. What kind of snacks will you be serving?

We avoid all products with nuts for children with allergies, those with other allergies, grains, dairy, eggs etc., we welcome parents to send a special snack with their child each day. We usually have ice cream and cookies on Friday, so please plan to send a cold treat on that day. Other days we try to offer a fresh vegetable or fruit along with a granola bar, cheese stick etc. Please contact Amy Sorensen to let her know your child will be bringing a special snack.

Registration is closed, what do I do?

We are closing registration 2 1/2 weeks before art festival starts.  This allows us time to have everything ready for your child when they come the first day.  If you missed registration we will host late registration the morning of July 27th, we will not guarantee that classes or t-shirt’s will be available for your student.

What day do we get our t-shirts?

Students will receive their t-shirts on Thursday at the end of the festival, if your child is only attending one or two classes, please make sure your get their shirt from the staff in the front of the gym.

What time does the art festival start?

Classes begin at 8:30 am and go to noon, July 27th, 2015- July 31st, 2015 at White Pine High School.

I don’t like using paypal, will there be in-person registrations?

We no longer hold in-person registration, if you are unable to register online, please call us and we will meet you (usually at the library) to get your registration taken care of.

When is the exhibition?

Please go to the home page, all information about Friday’s Exhibition will be under the Events tab.

What classes do you recommend?

Every teacher has prepared wonderful classes for their students. Picking a favorite teacher and class is like picking a favorite child. We do recommend that your child take a variety of classes, we encourage you to talk with your child about classes they would be interested in taking.  Many kids have ended up taking classes they didn’t know if they would like and found a new love through the art festival.

My child doesn’t want to take the class we signed up for anymore, what can I do?

We recommend that children stick with their choice and try it for at least one day, then we will switch if they really don’t like it. We want kids to have a good time, so if they really don’t want to even try it, contact us and we will try to put them in something they will like better.

What kind of clothes should my child wear?

Kids who are participating in dance classes need to wear clothes that they are comfortable moving in. Hip Hop classes usually require tennis shoes; other dance classes don’t usually need special shoes, unless noted. Because this is an art festival, it is highly likely that your child will get dirty during the course of making amazing art. Please plan to have your child wear clothes you don’t mind getting paint on.

What is the cost of the festival?

Most children choose to take all three hours of classes; this is $30 and includes a snack every day, a t-shirt and supplies for all the classes.

Is there a discount for more than one child?

Registration fees for each child are $30 for three classes, each additional child in your immediate family, taking 3 classes, will be $25. Please contact us at whitepinechildrensartfestival@gmail.com for a discount code to add at checkout.

Can my child only take one or two classes? What is the cost for those?

Children don’t have to take all 3 classes, they can take one or two if they like. Please note what time your child’s classes will be done so you can pick them up after their class. There is really no place for them to wait until the festival is over, and no one to look after them. One class cost’s $10 and two classes cost $20.

What time does the festival start?

The Art Festival begins at 8:30 am and ends at noon everyday from July 27th, 2015- July 31st, 2015

Where is the festival?

White Pine County High School

When does my child get their art?

Families can take their art home after the exhibition; left over art is taken to the school and put in your child’s teacher’s box to be delivered when school starts. This includes all art except Lego’s. Unfortunately we cannot send home Lego’s, they are too expensive to replace, please be respectful and only take pictures of your child’s Lego creation.

When is the performance?

Our exhibition is held on the last Friday of the festival. The Art is displayed from 5:30-6:00 pm, then we hold the theater presentation in the theater of the High School, following that we adjourn to the gym for our dance and music performances. More specific information is under the Event Tab on the home page.

What if my child misbehaves?

Most children are so excited to be doing something fun that we rarely have behavior problems, however they do happen. We have a three strikes out policy, if your child is rude or disrespectful to teachers, mean to students (fighting etc.) or uses inappropriate language; we will give your child three opportunities to control their behavior, if they don’t, we will call you and ask you to pick them up. If they do this two days in a row, we will ask that they don’t return. We do not give refunds for children who misbehave.

What time can I sign-in my child at the High School?

Doors open to students at 8:20 am. Please do not bring your child earlier; there will be no supervision available before 8:20.

Can I just drop off my child at the door?

No, we ask that if you bring your child to the high school, that you please sign-in and sign-out your child each day. We will not let your child leave the high school, until a parent or designated adult comes and signs out each day. This is for your safety and ours as well.

Do you have transportation to the Art Festival?

We have partnered with the White Pine County School District to provide transportation to and from the festival. Families in Lund, McGill and Baker have bus routes starting between 7:30 and 7:45; more information, bus stops and times, will be available as the festival gets closer. There will be pick up spots in Ely as well. Please mark on your registration that you would want your child to ride the bus and the pick up location if it is different from your home address (Magic Carpet, Grandma’s etc. ) and we will contact you to tell you where the closest bus stop will be for your child.

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